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How to nominate for a Blue Plaque

Blue Plaque NSW – Public Nominations

Nominations for new Blue Plaques in NSW are now open!

Tell us who should be commemorated by the next Blue Plaques in NSW.

Key Information

Nominations open 13th November 2022

Nominations close 11pm 21st December 2022

Successful nominations will be announced First half of 2023

About the Blue Plaques program:

The Blue Plaques program brings to life the extraordinary people and events that shaped the history of NSW. It is designed for our citizens to learn about the history of their local region by discovering the events that happened there and the people that lived, worked, or gathered there.

Thirty-five Blue Plaques have been announced since the program began in June 2021, including those of pioneering female aviator Nancy Bird Walton, Dr Charles Perkins who dedicated his life to civil rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku who helped popularise surfing in NSW.

Looking for inspiration or just want to know more about who has already received a Blue Plaque? Read about the first Blue Plaque recipients here

To learn more about the Blue Plaques process, from nomination to installation, read our case studies below:

Case Study - Ethel Turner

Case Study - Betro Abicare

What is eligible for a Blue Plaque?

To be eligible for a Blue Plaque, your nomination will need to:

  • have an interesting story to tell about a real person, people or event that has made a lasting impact on NSW
  • include a good location for a plaque that is in NSW and that is:
    • directly relevant to the story, and
    • is visible and accessible to the public
  • be appropriate, sensitive, and engaging to a wide public audience
  • be about a person or people who died prior to 1 January 2000 OR is about an event that occurred before 1 January 2000
  • have written support from the owner of the property where you are nominating the plaque to be installed (if on private or council-owned property)

For the full eligibility criteria, including what is not eligible for a Blue Plaque, please refer to the Nomination Guidelines

How to make a nomination:

To give your nomination the best chance of success, we recommend before you lodge a nomination you:

  1. Read the Blue Plaque NSW Nomination Guidelines and make sure your nomination idea meets our eligibility criteria. Ineligible nominations won’t be considered for a Blue Plaque.
  2. Complete the nomination process checklist below. This will:
    • help make sure you have everything you need to submit your nomination
    • link you to some handy resources to make the process as easy as possible.

Nomination process checklist:


I have identified a person, people or event that has made a lasting impact on NSW that I would like to nominate for a Blue Plaque

I have identified a location for my Blue Plaque nomination that has direct relevance to the nominated person, people, or event

I have conducted historical research to ensure my nomination is based on historical facts. This research will be used to respond to the following two prompts in the nomination form:

  • Provide a short summary of the person, people, or event that you are nominating, including what their impact was on NSW
  • What is their connection to the nominated location?

The nomination form will ask you about your information sources. Guidance on how to develop a factually accurate nomination, including where to find high-quality historical sources, can be found here

I have contacted the property owner and have received written support to nominate their property for a Blue Plaque (skip this step if you are the property owner of this location, or you are nominating a property owned by the Commonwealth or State Government).

Guidance on how to seek property owner support can be found hereWe highly recommend using the templates in this guidance when seeking property owner support.

I have considered checking in with relevant living family members or the relevant First Nations community (if applicable) to let them know my intention to make a nomination and seek their support.

I have checked my nomination against the eligibility criteria. Nominations that do not meet the criteria will not receive a Blue Plaque.

I have created a profile in Smarty Grants and completed the Blue Plaques NSW nomination form

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Nomination preparation video (Webinar)

Nomination Guidelines  

FAQs for property owners

Guidelines for developing a factually accurate nomination

Guidelines for seeking property owner support

Terms and Conditions for property owners

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